Covering an area slightly smaller than the U.S., Brazil is a country of many cultures. Vibrant cities with diverse populations and small Amazonian villages share this region, offering travelers a mix of cuisines, music and stories. Equally diverse are the species of wildlife.

Brazilians often seek to enjoy the best that life has to offer. Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival festivities each year are a prime example of this, as thousands come to celebrate with food, music, dancing and carousing. Beautiful beaches that stay sunny all year, historic architecture, soccer stadiums and cafes are all elements of Brazil’s city life.

Beyond the colorful and bustling cities lies the nature-filled Amazon basin, where people have lived for at least 10,000 years. For generations, tribal communities both large and small have sustained themselves on the wealth of natural resources here. By the 16th century, European explorers started to arrive, in search of gold, rubber and other riches.

The Spanish are credited with being the first Europeans to traverse the Amazon River. On their journey, they are said to have met the indigenous peoples, including women warriors they described as Amazons, like those depicted in Greek mythology. From this story, the region got its name.

Since then, travelers and adventurers, archaeologists and anthropologists, and biologists and businessmen have all come to this enchanting expanse of the tropics looking for something. 

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