When to Go

Because it is in the Southern Hemisphere, Brazil’s seasons are the reverse of those in the Northern Hemisphere: Summer takes place from December to March. This is also the peak travel season in the region.

Guests wanting fewer crowds should consider traveling during the low season, May through September, and may also want to avoid Easter, Carnival (held 40 days before Easter) and Christmas. For vacationers who don’t mind lots of people, however, the holidays are festive opportunities to get to know the culture. If you prefer milder weather, visit during October or April.

Cruise ships visit ports on the Amazon River from October to March. The river floods annually, beginning in December and peaking in April or May. During this period, banks overflow and the forests flood. While many animals retreat to high ground, this is still a good time for bird-watching and spotting primates that take advantage of the plentiful fruit.

The river reaches its lowest point between July and February. This period is the best for spotting wildlife, as animals can be seen on the exposed riverbanks.

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